Lateral Flow Kit

Through SBIR funding from the Department of Defense and private investment, nanoRETE has created a proprietary blood-based, lateral flow assay kit based on newly identified biomarkers which indicate the presence of TB infection. Early pre-clinical trial results have demonstrated comparable sensitivity and superior selectivity against the market standard, as well as a greater than 80% reduction in test time.

nanoRETE’s lateral flow assay is currently protected through exclusive license of proprietary multiplexing technology for the field of infectious disease and trade secret in assay composition. Intellectual property filings on assay kit design will be submitted at device design freeze. 

nanoRETE is working on commercialization of TBDx, the first in a pipeline of assay products. TBDx introduces the kit tool set with three biomarkers –IFN-ɣ plus two new biomarkers. TBDx requires a commercially available and common lateral flow reader to read assay results.